Romantic Lowlife Fantasies: Emerging Adults In The Age Of Hope + FREE POSTCARD SET

Romantic Lowlife Fantasies: Emerging Adults In The Age Of Hope + FREE POSTCARD SET

By: Laura June Kirsch
Year published: 2021
Format: Hardcover
Dimensions: 8.25"H x 10.75"W
Page Count: 176
ISBN: 978-1-955125-09-3

Retail Price: $50

Romantic Lowlife Fantasies: Emerging Adults In The Age Of Hope is the first published monograph by Canon award winning photographer Laura June Kirsch. Featuring over 85 original images, the book is a photo exploration of millennials in subcultures during the Obama era. Co-edited by Kirsch and Juxtapoz Editor-in-chief Evan Pricco, the collection examines an era of hopeful hedonism for a generation that came of age between 9/11 and a recession that put the traditional American Dream just out of reach. Featuring an introduction by Pricco and original essays by Darlene “Dee Nasty” Demorizi (comedian, actress and VICE personality), Allyson Toy (DJ Toy), Caitlin McGarry (an astrologist and wellness coach also known as Tarotgraph), Jessica Amodeo (NYU MFA Writing Alum) and a poem by Brooke Burt (NYU MFA writing Alum, formerly House Of Vans). Co designed by Laura June Kirsch and Patrick Carrie.

Pricco adds this praise in Juxtapoz: “Romantic Lowlife Fantasies isn’t Laura just showing off ‘another’ youthful moment in time; there is a deeper understanding here of the fact that for perhaps the first time in American history, youth wasn’t interrupted by some drastic evolution to adulthood."

“Kirsch’s photos evoke nostalgia for this time not long after Obama’s inauguration, powered of course by a campaign of “Hope,” and the end of the 2008 financial crisis. A time before pandemic lockdowns and the pause of nightlife. A time before every single moment was filmed with an iPhone and immediately posted to a private story. A time when people lived perhaps more in the moment and had nothing to lose but the respect of their elders.” - Flaunt Magazine

“Laura June Kirsch understands that capturing a photograph is capturing a feeling. Placing many photographs together, then, creates something more dynamic: a conversation, a collage, an era. Such is the triumph of her debut book, a photographic collection entitled Romantic Lowlife Fantasies: Emerging Adults in the Age of Hope.” - Greenpointers

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